04 September 2011


I am an amateur photographer. I lack the editing and printing technique that could make me a professional. I do have, however, an eye and a point of view. Perhaps that makes me more than an amateur. There are many out there with technique and really great equipment who don't have any eye. Generally I have been posting these photos to Facebook, which is a venue much more informal. Also, Facebook allows me to create and add to albums, so that it is an ongoing project. A blog post is finite.

This album is Air. I have long loved the simplicity of the Aristotelian elements: air, earth, fire, water. They are, of course, technically antique, but they are still conceptually vibrant. These photos look at the elements from a number of points of view. Sometimes just reveling in how beautiful they are. Others look at the interaction with the human. The elements are a way of exploring our relationship with nature.

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