27 March 2010


It all comes down to money. Money guides decisions. This country has opted for "cheap." Cheap everything. Michael Pollen, in The Omnivore's Dilemma, talks about how we, as a society, made a decision for quantity of food over quality. And inexpensive as well. Cheap and plentiful. I think that we, as a culture, have made that decision in every sphere of life: cheap food, cheap clothing, cheap energy, cheap houses, cheap stuff. This is particularly evident in our buildings. Houses are cheap and big. Where I am living right now in Mississippi, I see enormous waste of buildings. Repair is usually unheard of, because the houses are small. Doing things well is also unheard of. It costs a lot more money to build something of quality than it does to build BAU (business as usual) buildings .

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dreamscaper said...

well said, as usual. Interesting too as "bau" translates also "to build" and in the Bauhaus movement they were certainly investigating something ... not cheap and much more finely crafted than these "business as usual" things.