03 January 2010

An Old Story-and another thing

It also strikes me that the moral failure of a portion of the "founding brothers," to use Ellis' term, was based in a world view framed by their current economics - that of slavery. It was so ingrained, and so large, that it seemed impossible to imagine a world without it. Thus the thought of the impact to their "lifestyles" overwhelmed any moral sense. We face that same issue today, but the slave today is fossil fuel which moves our increasingly soft bodies about, warms our homes, cooks our foods, entertains us. We become blind to the moral failings and the incredible pile of moral debt.

I think humans are, by nature, not terribly imaginative. There is a failure to imagine the world that we are making by not changing our ways, yet we fail even worse to imagine the possibilities. I am an optimist. I believe we can design and build our way out of this. And we will end up a richer nation and world in the bargain. But I am also a pessimist. There are so many closed minds out there, and no leadership.

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