10 July 2007


I am a political vegetarian. I do not believe that eating animals is morally wrong. I do believe that the current meat industrial complex is morally wrong. It is wrong on many grounds. First, the meat is not healthy to eat. Pesticides and heavy metals concentrate in the flesh and fat, antibiotics engender the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria, and the high levels of meat in the diet of the average American lead to many health problems. Second, the foul treatment of animals seen feedlot operations and factory farming, the poor treatment of land, animals, labor and communities is morally wrong. Third, the high concentration of operations and the centralization is highly energy consumptive. Fourth... I could go on and on.

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I eat meat, but I like to have some assurance of the quality. I typically purchase all meat products at farmers markets. I probably pay 3-5 times what it would cost in the supermarket, but our food is far too cheap.

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